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[0.5.2] KotRD [PvP][10][Whitelist] - EU 18+ only


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Will send on successful application


The only rule is you have to be in Europe, over 18 and not an idiot. I'm not bothered what you do on the server, just be respectful to each other and play nicely.


Completely standard Tekkit Lite

Banned Items:


What to expect:

Anything goes, basically. I'm running this for me and a friend but it seems silly to have something up and running that we only use occasionally - why not let others use it? I'm also thinking of setting up a forums and TeamSpeak server too so everyone online can communicate and get to know each other.

The server is pretty bare at the minute with torches around spawn and apparently (my friend tells me) a big hole he's dug.


Not guaranteed, but if it's down you'll just need to shout at me and I'll bring it back up asap.


We want to play with like minded people. We work in London as web designers / developers, we're interested in tech generally as well as other geeky stuff, we laugh at memes. We're casual players, who jump in and out for an hour or two so we're not setting up a 'serious' or 'hardcore' server. Pick an area to develop and get going - trying not to interfere with other people (unless they want you to).


If this sounds like something you could get on board with PM me the following details:





Average playing time per week

Usual day / time you play

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