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Can't connect to a server.


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When I try to play tekkit classic with my friends. One of those friends hosts the server and everyone else is fine, but when I join I get a 30 second limit on the server and then I crash with a message that says "internal exception: java.net.sockettimeoutexception: read time out" I have read many posts on this problems and I have done many things to try fix it

Such as:

  • Update Drivers
  • Update windows
  • Re-install Tekkit, hamachi and java
  • virus scan (no virus's detected)
  • (also running direct to router (not wireless)
  • Process more RAM to tekkit (java)
  • set priority to high
  • transfered tekkit on the real Minecraft.exe

and still none of these work, At first the server was fine with 1-2 second delay and it was playable but about a couple of days ago I have just kept getting this message.

Could anyone please help me fix this.

Thank you


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