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Too long to open - Technic


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On this laptop Lenovo Y570, my techniclauncher takes about 15-30 second to open up. I want it to open fast in 3 second.

On the other computer Dell Dimension 5150, it's about 2 second fast! Whats wrong with my laptop and how do i get it fast to open?

Lenovo Y570 Info:

Window 7 Premium 64 bit

Java Latest Version 32 bit

Intel i7 2.20 Ghz

Nvidia 555m 1.5 Gb

500gb hardrive

8gb ram

Dell Dimension 5150 Info:

Window XP Professional 32 bit

Java Latest Version 32 bit

Intel Pentium 4 2.00 Ghz

750gb hardrive

6gb ram

AMD Radeon

Please Help me, my friends are complaining that i take too long D:

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