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[3.1.2]Errorcrafters[EE Enabled][pvp/Eco][52 Slots][Open][Little banned][Factions][24/7][Essentials]


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Welcome to Errorcrafters


Errorcrafters was started 2-3weeks ago with a few of my close friends.

We are looking for players to come and play on our Tekkit Server to enjoy them self's and make new friends, We have always wanted a tekkit server so i went our and got it all ready for them to start playing around on.

The Dev team has worked really hard on the server getting it back to normal, There was a little problem with a admin and world edit that we couldn't fix at all. So we had to delete the map and start again, But i kept the player inventory's =)

The Server is currently hosted in America and runs on 4GB of ram.

Our map is not the biggest one out there yet but we are working on it. The spawn will contain all the information you need to know about the server.

We have EE enabled due to player demand


Admin's have also been working on a Mall and a PVP Arena. These are located just out side of spawn, In The PVP arena you will be able to buy Armour,weapons and potions to defeat other players in combat.

On Errorcrafters we don't have a huge banned items list, We rather people have fun without getting blown up with nukes and what not, All Ranks are not a loud these items!

We also had Multi-worlds but i removed them due to low ram.. I will be getting it back later on when we get a good player base! Once i have got time and players i will open a Hungergames with good rewards.

Now people always ask me this. What do we do if we where griefed?

Don't worry and stay claim, Do not swear or abuse anyone, Just Pm any Admins online at the time, I will be adding a ticket system so you don't have to wait so long for a admin to come to you, Once there the admin will roll that area back and you will have your house back =)

Now onto the server Ranks!

We have:













Staff List:

Owner: Deano90

Co-Owner: Dragon67890


Head-Admin: 007v5




Admin:Free Spot



Moderator: Rdzwarycz



Now you might be wondering how do you get one of these ranks?

Simple If you are a great builder with out Gm you can ask a admin to tp to you and have a look at what you have done, For Example, If you made a good building you might get promoted to Designer, Or if you made a awesome factory or light show you will get Technician =)

Server mods removed:

Computer craft

Rail craft

Banned items:

-Dark Matter Hammer

-Red Matter Hammer

-Ring of Arcana

-Watch of flowing time

For more you can type ./banned in game


1. No Griefing

2. No Backstabing

3. No Swearing or Caps

4. No Spamming the chat

5. Respect all players and Staff members

6. Do not ask admins for Items or OP

7. No 1x1 Towers they have to be 3x3 or more

8. No Duping or exploiting bugs, Must report them to admins ASAP

9. No Server Advertising or you will be ipbanned.

10. Anyone that contacts me or my Staff members for items you will be temp banned for 2 days.


*No hate with the website, A admin got it for us*






















Photo's Of the server:





Thanks Guys

Come join us today.

Our IP is:

Hope you come and visit us soon!.

P.S How to apply for the open moderator and open Admin spot?

Copy and paste this to apply in a comment

Moderator application

In game name:




Reason why i should pick you, Must contain more then 50words:

Contact Info:

Administration application

In game name:




Reason why i should pick you, Must contain more then 100words:

What could you do for the server:

Contact Info:

Time Zone:

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In game name:connorpop54




Reason why i should pick you, Must contain more then 100words:

I am a very dedicated person I am on for at least 3 or 4 hours everyday and I do good things, I am a good builder and I never give up. Most people would want to build factorys and I would help like a true admin but I will not do all the work and spawn in items so I can also make them work. Also when I am on I don't just lollygag, I am super productive and mature. I have never been banned or kicked form a game. never griefed or raided and I am not a fan of pvp. I know a lot about tekkit(except computer craft) and I am very intelligent.

What could you do for the server: I could build and help with many projects like I said abive

Contact Info: Skype connoristhebait is my name

Time Zone: usa northeast

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I am so looking forward to playing on this server since the old one I was playing on got shut down until further notice. Once I start playing a bit I may be interested in applying for Moderator or some other rank since I am very passionate about helping servers and becoming friends with everyone :) See you online -tayleana

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Moderator application

In game name: tayleana

Age: 13 in May

Sex: Female

Location: Australia

Reason why i should pick you, Must contain more then 50 words:

I believe I am a very good leader, kind, helpful and a fun person to chat to and hang out with. I was also previously Moderator on The Big Trio Tekkit, Chronicboom (Minecraft), I was also an Admin on a friend of mines server. I also know a fair bit about Tekkit and I am very easy to talk to and start a conversation with. Please consider me as Moderator as I work really hard on the job and love to have fun.

Contact Info: My Skype name is taystar2000 and I will be getting Team Speak in May when I get a new laptop.

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Administration application

In game name: xXthe_trickerXx

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Location: Asia, Philippines

Reason why i should pick you, Must contain more then 100words: That would be because I have been an op , admin , mod on other servers and they also want me to have the rank, Now about tekkit I am good at all mods except of course computer craft and rail craft i dont really understand them both even if i have played tekkit for almost 1 and a half years but I am good on the other mods like EE , Build craft , IC and many more I can handle anybody that do something wrong starting from not following the rules to abusive staffs I am experienced when it comes to commands I am also good at plugins like World edit Hawk eye Log block Essentials and other plugins. I have been an admin 3 times on different servers and 1 time as a mod then i got promoted to admin also thats because they say I really deserve the spot and they support me on every applications I make, On all those servers they haven't seen me spawn stuffs for myself or abuse my powers I usually help peoples even if they are trolling but I warn them sometimes when I think its enough trolling. Now this is how i handle every player that doesent follow the rules I teleport them to spawn and tell them to read the rules or I will keep teleporting them to spawn (yeah thats right) for spammers when I said stop and they wont stop I will mute them for atleast 5 minutes or more and for Advertisers I will mute them for a day so they will still have the chance to play if they would like to stay (you know some people just advertise if its their server and some people advertise if there are like 3 players on the server just to join another server with like 10 peoples or so) this is how I handle dupers,cheaters and others who has client sided mods or abusing mod glitches/bugs first I will go invisible or use disguise and then I will see if they glitch using /spectate "name" and then when they do I will tell them to stop duping or cheating and I will remove all things he duped/xrayed and what he used for duping and then if they dupe/xray again I will ban them........


What could you do for the server: I will do the things I promised and said on the reason why you should pick me

Contact Info: Skype: vladimir.osorio10

Time Zone:+8 gmt

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