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[3.1.2]TU[PvE][10 Slots][Whitelist]Fun Private Tekkit


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We are no longer whitelsit. Ignore this thread I will post in the non-whitelist section.

Hello I am que1124. I run a 24/7 tekkit server in the USA (We are no longer whitelist!). We are a peaceful server and griefing will not be tolerated.

Our IP is tekkit-unlimited.tekkithost.com Here is the list of banned items :

> Catalytic Lens

​> Destruction Catalyst

​> Evertide Amulet

​> Infernal Armor

​> Abyss Helmet

​> Watch of Flowing Time

​> Red Morning Star

​> Cannon

​> Nova Catalyst/Cataclysm

> World Anchor

> Anchor Cart

> Tank Cart

> Swiftwolfs Rending Gale ( Donator Only )

> Quantum Armor ( Donator Only )

> Ring of Arcana ( Donator Only )

I don't like playing with banned items just as much as you do but these are the bare essentials in terms of banned items.


> No Griefing

> No Stealing

> No Hacking

> No Glitching

> Item Duplication Glitches

> No harrassement

Here are a few pictures of the server:



-Iroh (que1124)

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