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Effective leather production?


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First of all, I'm new to this forum so hello everybody and thank you Technic team for bringing us brilliant content

But back on topic, while I enjoy Voltz, I was just wondering whether or not there was a more effective way to produce leather in game?

I mean, that's one hell of a cow farm you need to do some decent wiring.

It can get a bit laborious as demand for wires increases :)

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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That's pretty much it. I've been having problems with NEI and cheat mode on personal server side so what I've been ha ing to do is make a boat and sail away. Commit cattle genocide and load up on leather, travel the 2000km back to my base of operations to make a handful of wire, rinse and repeat. I'm in desert biome and cows are scarce. I found a huge sand castle so moved in but I'm thinking today I get the household on the server, load up all our crud in the castle and move to another abandoned temple I found near cows to make a farm so I can slap em with wheat and make cow babies to cull for the measely leather. I'd much rather be using rubber again.

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If you're setting up your own server (or are playing SP), you can enable the old wiring recipe that uses wool instead of leather. To do so, edit config/UniversalElectricity/ElectricExpansion.cfg, and replace the line "B:Use_Wool_In_Wires=false" with "B:Use_Wool_In_Wires=true". Note that this'll leave the recipes using leather alone: should you want to disable those, that's the line above.

In my experience, this helps a lot, especially if you want to build lots of electromagnets. After all, you needn't kill sheep for their wool, you can just shear them.

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