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Tekkit Lite Multiworld

Nima Khatibi

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I'm having a really weird bug with Tekkit Lite.

I have a main world named "world". When I start the

server, only that world is generated, no Nether or The End.

Now the weird thing happens. I also have Essentials installed.

So when I log in to the server, I do /gc.

It lists 3 worlds:

- Overworld

- Nether

- The_End

And when I do /world Overworld, or any of the 2 other worlds,

I end up in the main normal world, just some other coordinates.

I'm able to enter Nether and The End, but when I enter, the world

still doesn't show up in the root folder. There is still only "world".

This is really weird, and it is stopping me from making multiple worlds

because Multiverse-Core and Multiworld aren't working because of this bug.

(It still happens with no multiworld management plugins installed)

Thanks for reading,

- Dragon

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