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[3.1.2]Makeshift-Minecraft[15O slots][Minimal Banned Items][24/7][Multiworld: Survival & PvP]


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"The server ran by you."

[15O Slots ~ 24/7/ 16GB RAM ~ No Lag ~ Multiworld: Survival, HardcorePvP & Donator ~ Minimal banned items ~ LWC ~ Mobs: Enabled ~ NO mods disabled ~ EE: Enabled]

Server IP: tekkit.makeshift-minecraft.com

Makeshift-Minecraft Website: http://www.makeshift-minecraft.com/

Server Promo: COMING SOON!



*~ Essentials

*~ TPA (Teleportation)

*~ Ranks (Rank up using in-game coins, In-game coins can be gained via voting for the server)

*~ Online 24/7

*~ No Whitelist

*~ EE: Enabled

*~ Multiworld: Survival [No grief/PvP] - HardcorePvP [Griefing/PvP, Only in this world] & Donator

*~ Minimal banned items (Explore the world to it's fullest depths)


*~ LaggClear

*~ MCBans

*~ Multiverse

*~ Buycraft

*~ iConomy

*~ CoreProtect

*~ LWC

*~ PaidRanks

*~ NoCheatPlus


1. Be respectful

2. Be ethical

3. Use common sense

4. No hacking

5. No griefing

6. No stealing

7. No spamming

8. Do not leave machines running

9. Do not let chests overflow

Voting Links.png

Vote for 35O coins and 8 Diamonds per vote, There are 6 sites to vote on so make 21OO coins and 48 diamonds each day!


Planet Minecraft: http://bit.ly/RmO1Vy

Minestatus: http://bit.ly/Tb3kkM

MC-Index: http://bit.ly/WC2jG2

Minecraft-Server-List: http://bit.ly/O4r4LV

Tekkit Server List: http://bit.ly/WJES0Z

Minecraft-MP: http://bit.ly/PO5Iki


On the Makeshift-Minecraft Tekkit server you rank up using IN-GAME coins, These coins can be received via voting for the server, Selling items. You can be as creative as you wan't to be in order to make coins, You can activate the next rank by simply typing /RANKUP whilst in-game. The ranks and prices are as follows:

Newbie: Obtained by joining the server.

Member: 7OOO Coins

Advanced: 12,OOO Coins

Master: 2O,OOO Coins

Leader: 35,OOO Coins

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