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V1.0.8 AtomikVoltz Pvp Pve 20 slots No whitelist


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Welcome to AtomikVoltz. The server is hamachi only because it is hosted on my laptop. Spawn is not built yet, as I am not a good builder, so if you are just ask to help. I will reward you with materials of your choice.

Hamachi details:

Username: AtomikGamez, AtomikGamez1, AtomikGamez2


To download, just search ''hamachi download''

More info:


Friends of owner:moonknight543,boom673,hyp_nova,Dannewsfan3 BlackGreenMonkey (a.k.a BGS)

Uptime:M-F 2:40PM-8:00PM (because of school)

Weekends:8:00PM-9:00PM Centeral time

Sometimes server may be up at other times, or may be down because i am doing something.

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