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Let's Play with Friends. Tekkit with JustTraze


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Hey there everyone! My name is JustTraze and I do let's play videos on my YouTube Channel.

I post Minecraft videos currently but I plan on expanding my horizons with my friends.

Only two people of our group of Minecrafters know Tekkit very well.

Just the other day I started doing a Tekkit LP with a bunch of buddies of mine. We are really quite a bunch characters especially while playing Minecraft. Our goal is just to have a good time and take user recommendations on what we should do.

It has been so much fun fill with hilarious moments. We hope to keep this LP going as long as possible.

I try to put out episodes almost everyday.

Be sure to check out the full playlist here: Tekkit with JustTraze

Episode List:

Let's Play Minecraft Tekkit - Episode 1 - It Begins

Let's Play Minecraft Tekkit - Episode 2 - Collecting Resources

Let's Play Minecraft Tekkit - Episode 3 - Setting the Foundations

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