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[1.0.8]FlawlessLogic[PvP][25 Slots][no whitelist][All mods]This is not a slogan

Lawless Flogic

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Server IP:

Rules: Don't blow stuff up anywhere near spawn. Also, Do NOT build near spawn: at least 300 blocks away. No hacking, duping, or exploiting/glitching.

No items are banned and all default Voltz mods enabled. Should be up most of every day. Probably will take it down 6 hours daily for maintenance.

I am testing my new gaming rig, to see what it can handle. I also wanted to try hosting a server.

A few dedicated players, and a fairly fresh map.

"Server" stats: 12 gb 1666 mb ram allocated, Intel i5 3570k @ 4.8 ghz, Dedicated SSD Partition: 60 gb, 35mbps download;8mbps upload

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