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New YouTube Channel looking for people to make a tekkit classic serie


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Hey Tekkit fans,

I always used to make together videos with friends but that did not really work out because they where uploading alot copyright stuff so i leaved the channel,and i really like to make videos so i m planning to make my own channel, i have alot experience with tekkit and i like to share it with people to learn more about it so i thought i make a letsplay from noob to pro tekkit you could say so iam looking for 1-2 people to like to join the lets play, i dont have any channel yet but i make it when i have a name and background and stuff.

about the lets play:

im planning to upload 1-2 videos a week, there a few things whats inportant to me, i want serious people that are adult and dont curse, like little kids, a other big thing is the microphones must be good.

if you like to join let me know plz replay with the following information:




skype name:

tekkit experience:

what you can do to make the channel big:

tekkit experience:

my skype is: sandervanspijk add me if you like to join or reply

im sorry for my english im bad at grammar but i speak it way better

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