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Voltz Server update: 1.0.8 to 1.0.11


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Heey everyone!

I got some problems with updating my server.

I did the same update methode as Tekkit. Deleting the mods folder and then drag and drop all the files from the Voltz Server v1.0.11 zip.

So launch file started up normally. It's loads everythink and then it got funky.

It says in so much lines like 10 a seconds if it's not faster.


Server did his work before on v1.0.8.

Now I'm stuck.

When I'm on the multiplayer screen on my launcher, It says Communication error.

If you have any question, just ask.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Now my old back up doesn't work either so this is getting weird

EDIT2: Now I isolated the error and it happens when I move the region folder from the world folder. When I replaced it and I ran it. It got funky like that. I tryed it on a totally fresh download.

EDIT3: When I only replace the region folder it works again. So I think it's a combination of files. I hope someone knows how to fix this!

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