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Me and my buddies have been playing on my server run by fragnet with version 3.1.3 but the recipe bug was irritating me so i decided to change the server and launcher back to 3.1.2 but now i can't even connect to my server... I have consulted fragnet about the issue but the steps they have given me only helped to get rid of the communication error message. now my server shows up as what it has always shown up as 0/36 "ip address:port" and the MOTD. But the connection bar is so low. When i press join server it goes straight to "End of stream" lost connection. If anybody has any idea how to fix this problem please inform me asap and the worst part is that this issue is becoming a problem for my youtube fans as well.. i cant upload if i cant get on to record. :(

please help. even email me at [email protected]

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