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[1.4.7]EdgeTek[PvE][32 slots][Whitelist]


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Server Info

IP: edgetek.eoemc.com

UpTime: 24/7

Whitelist App URL:http://www.eoemc.com/etekwapp

Custom zip: http://www.eoemc.com/edgetekinstallation (because it changes with each update)


After having a semi vanilla pve server for allmost 2 years we thought it was about time to expand into new servers and so we did, We started out with a regular tekkit server but were annoyed at the lack of updates it recieved so we set out to create our own modpack and launcher, shortly after the custom-pack feature of technic launched and we dropped our launcher idea pretty fast and within hours we had a fully functioning modpack for our server which got the name EdgeTek.

The server is a part of the Edge of Eternity community, at this moment we have 3 servers with ideas and planning of a fourth, To gain access to our server you must be white-listed which you can at the URL under server info.


  • No griefing
  • Respect other players
  • Respect all Admins/Mods/Reps
  • No spamming the chat
  • Respect the buildings of others
  • No advertising other servers
  • Do not steal
  • Opening PayPal disputes won't help as you paid as a DONATION ( Towards a cause, free service, person. ) PayPal closes disputes on the spot as they know your payment was filed under this server.
  • Falsely claiming to be part of staff, and/or impersonating a staff member will result in a ban.






Provides a tiny map in the corner of your screen to see the surrounding area from a birds eye view, as well as allowing you to place waypoints, which will lock to your current position and will be visible on your screen no matter what distance you are from it.

Gives easy inventory organization. Will sort your on-hand items with a keystroke as well as replace your tools when they break (If you have another in your inventory).

The successor to marglyph's Too Many Items, this mod displays help pages in your inventory screen to show you haw to craft/brew/smelt any item you select.

Buildcraft adds pipes, engines, quarries, and all kinds of machines to automate your Minecraft experience.

An addon to Buildcraft which gives you the ability to teleport supplies like the output of your quarry or the Oil from your Pumps!

An addon to Buildcraft offering more automation including remote requesting, automatic crafting and more!

ComputerCraft adds the ability to create mini computers and robots in game, such as turtles that will mine for you!

Similar to the Vanilla Ender Chest, however the Ender Chests in this mod gives players the ability to share inventorys with other players with an innovative colour coding on chests and is shared throughout the server.

Provides the ability to automate the farming of the vanilla plantations and those added by the mod.

Arguably the most expansive multiplayer mod out there. Industrial Craft 2 adds a new electricity system, machines, armor, weapons, tools, ores, and much more!

Nuclear Control addon allows you to build efficient monitoring and notification system for your nuclear reactor.

This mod is similar to IndustrialCraft2 by supplying the ability to automate systems and adding plenty of new machines!

...It lets you make more compact solar panels...

Adds many new chests to the game with varying capacity.

It adds IC1 style force fields back to Industrial Craft 2.

Adds an entire new tier of gear that requires an enormous amount of resources to create... But they grant the user insane power.

Adds more effective machines that process materials faster.

Adds more lighting and wiring mechanics to redstone.

Adds lots of new features to minecart tracks.

Adds lots of new minecarts that do various things.

This mod adds mechanics and other machines to the other mods to give the possibility to create more complex machines!

Just guess.

Adds new biomes to minecraft ranging from tundras to savannas.

Adds various tools to work on different machines.

Major Plugins





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This looks like a pretty interesting server, but should I be worried that you have to mention PayPal disputes in your opening rules? What causes you to get so many? Do you fail to deliver on promised donation perks, or do they have a hidden expiration date or something? It isn't likely to affect me regardless, since I don't have the spare money to donate, but it's rather disconcerting.

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No so far we haven't had any disputes, but if we didn't have that in the rules that the user agrees to, we would be forced by law to repay any ammount donated to us if a dispute was opened, so its purely to secure us in a legal matter, as for our shop its fully automatic, the admins or staff doesnt have anything to do with it once its set up as its all part of the Enjin website shop system, but at this moment there isnt a shop for EdgeTek, so if you donate its purely a donation and not a purchase

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