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Missiles, Chunks and RADAR Guns


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Hello there, I am a server admin, running a small PVP server from a laptop, and the missile combat looks set to be taking place from very long ranges, a kilometer or more in some cases.

As such, imagine my surprise when Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles had a range of what doesn't appear to be much more than 200 metres.

As I try not to spawn stuff in (too much), I have only tested this with tech one missiles so far, but I would like to know:

How do I increase the range of missiles on my server, I assume this will require changing a config file somewhere.

How do I make missiles load chunks that their course takes them through, to enable this kind of long range warfare to happen?

As a sidenote, RADAR guns appear to be bugged, they revert to their former charge after being taken out of of whatever device charged them, is this just my server, or is this a known issue?

Any help you could provide me is greatly appreciated, before my denizens get medieval on each other............

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