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Yep it's another let's play series of Tekkit, except there are four of us, and we aren't especially good at the game (well, some more than others....). We are led by the almighty chickens Barry and Melvin (they demanded to have their names underlined and in bold). Through the power of the Chicken Decision Machine (C.D.M.) they have guided us to build many magnificent devices such as an flying machine and a brewery that has never produced beer.

Oh and by the way there is adult content, sooooo much adult content. Mostly swearing/topics of discussion. So be warned!

We aim to get a new video out each day, which will not always be Tekkit but mostly.

-Tekkit Classic series is currently sitting on episode 112, with over 38 hours of content, and of course more planned further down the line.

-Tekkit Lite series has just started (episode 2 released a few hours ago)

-Tutorials coming soon!

Here's a short-ish promo vid for the Tekkit Classic series: Promo

So if you like what you see, please, watch some more, subscribe, do all that social media jazz.


All hail Barry and Melvin.

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