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Smallish PvP/Raid Server


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Howdy, i'm going to have a Voltz server up in the next few days, monday at the latest. I was posting on here to see if anyone would like to come play around on it. Im planning on putting factions plugins in, the only banned item will be red matter explosives, one world anchor per player most likely, and other then that just whatever people want and can agree on. I'm only really looking for competent mature players as the FOOD HALP STEEL PLOX gets tiring. Would be great if a group of friends came to play and we could have a Voltz war type thing. Server will be up 24/7, hosted in southern california (LA I believe), it'll max around 40 people, and will not be whitelisted. Whether I make the address public or not yet im not sure. Also unless there is a major issue pasting world edits from different worlds, I will offer saving your bunker/base/house in case a world wipe is needed for an update. So if you'd like to join or have any questions just toss me a PM or post a message on here. Any suggestions before I start taking people in (Plugins, settings, etc) would be much appreciated! Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. :)

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