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Emp not working correctly

Michael Clark

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So I have been testing out EMP towers and have run into a problem. I set up a launcher base 300 blocks from my emp tower, which was fully powered and linked to the radar and a siren. I launch the missle, the radar actiavates the siren and the emp tower fires, but then a few seconds later the missle hits anyway and destroys everything. any ideas? radar set to defult.

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Check the ranges of the EMP and the radar. If the radar range is higher than the EMP's, the EMP will go off prematurely and do nothing to the incoming missile.

If I have plenty of power, I usually like to set my EMP radius to a few blocks higher than the radar alert range, (which I usually set to around 75 blocks), to make sure I jam the incoming missile.

If I'm trying to save power, I'll usually set the EMP radius to be a bit smaller than the radar range, and use a few repeaters to delay the redstone pulse from the radar, but that can often require a little fine-tuning to get right.

Hope that fixed your problem!

EDIT: I just remembered another thing that has caused me headaches in the past.

Use a wrench on the radar station to make sure that the "Emit redstone on all sides" is TRUE, not false. That can cause the radar alarm to not go off at all sometimes or to go off too late.

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