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Tekkit Server 3.1.3 Download

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I'm looking to set up a small server for a friend and myself, using the latest build(3.1.3) but when I go to download the server files, it only shows 3.1.2 download but it shows 3.1.3 as the latest and says it's available(but no link is available).

So where can I download 3.1.3 Server files?

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I also had this problem, what I did was begin to download the 3.1.2 files, canceled the download, and copied the URL to the 3.1.2 download. Pasted the link into a notepad and replaced 3.1.2 with 3.1.3. Worked perfectly.

(There's probably a real location of the download but after about 20 minutes of looking around I gave up and did this.)

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