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Can't connect to MY own server.


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So I host a tekkit server and play with a few friends through hamachi (inb4 'Hamachi is garbage'), we were playing just fine last night, and this morning when I tried connecting to the server I get the message:

Failed to connect to the server

Connection timed out: connect

Not to mention 'Can't reach server' where the motd would normally be on my server list.

Friends are at work and in class at the moment so I'm not sure if they can connect or not, all I know is I cant. If any more information is needed to help me find a fix I'll gladly answer any questions.

EDIT: The server starts up as it normally would with no errors, I just can't connect to it.

EDIT: (Take two) I removed the IP and I can connect to the server using LocalHost.. but now none of my friends will be able to connect.

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