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The Not So Evil [TEKKIT 3.1.3][Non-PVP](CC --[ No Copy]--)[Mineconomy][LWC]


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Hello fellow minecrafters!

you made a right choice to stop at the official forum post

of the new Not So Evil tekkit Tekkit server!

We hope to welcome you a new starting comunity

Complete with Website, Forum and of couse a tekkit server

Please feel free to read on and see how you can join our server!


So you want to know why you should choose this tekkit server ?

that's easily answered we have some awesome and some exclusive server features!

just to name some we have:


Yes the first server with this exclusive edit to ComputerCraft

did you ever wanted to start you own software company in minecraft?

but people just pirate your code? don't worry --[ no copy ] -- has you covered

with this alteration you can make run only programs!

how do i use No Copy ? it's easy

just put "-- [ no copy ] --" (without quotes) at the first line of the program

and nobody will be able to edit it when you save it!

Just a reminder you should save versions of you work without the "-- [ no copy ]--" line

so you still own a version of the program witch you can edit!


Yes you read that right we use the awesome and opensource chat server called:

Mumble! Quickly grab you free copy and join us!

Mumble offers great sound quality and it's open source and free

go to:

http://mumble.sourceforge.net and grab the latest client!


1. No griefing

2. No random traps

(traps are allowed poper warning on you one property)


4. No spamming

5. Don't craft banned items.

6. Respect moderators and other players.

7. No begging or bothering other players.

8. No lag machines (they will be removed)

9. Take good care of your Nuclear reactors

10. We have inspectors to check if you factory is up to code Listen to them.


Joining our server is fast and completly automated!

in this section i wil quickly guid you trough the process.

Step one: Go to our website:


Step 2: Fill in your information

Step 3: Go to your email inbox you shoud hava email from us.

Step 4: Click the link in the email.

Done!: You can now build in our server!

You might ask why do i need to register?

Its just to prevent griefing griefers don't want to register

they just want to grief so its just to seperatre griefers from players.


Here is a list of all or moderators:

dr_not_that_evil (owner)


So we love our plugins and we hope you love them to

to show our love here follows a list of some of the awesome plugins we have!



You can find our dynmap at:


World edit / Guard




A custom Ban / Kick / Warn plugin (Based on PHPSend)


Tekkit Restrict

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