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[Tekkit Classic][Vanilla Minecraft] stereo_head's Lets Plays!


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This is stereo_head, here to promote my various Lets Plays and other videos. As of now, I plan to have two reoccurring series, one for Vanilla Minecraft and another for Tekkit Classic. These two series will see episodic releases weekly, with Vanilla Minecraft on Monday and Tekkit Classic on Friday. Other than these two series I will release various other videos throughout the week, including adventure map playthroughs and mod spotlights. As I gain more followers and subscribers, I have some other big projects planned, so stay tuned.

Also, please tell me what I need to improve upon, as there is always room for improvement. I really appreciate critiques. If you would be interested in recording with me, just give me a pm on the forums or on YouTube I'll try to work something out.

Please feel free to comment, like, and subscribe to my videos if you find them to your liking!

Tekkit Classic:

Tekkit Classic - Episode 2 - Proper German Translations

Tekkit Classic - Episode 1 - The Difference Between Night and Day

Vanilla Minecraft:

Minecraft - Episode 1 - Eat. Play. Minecraft.

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