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[Voltz V1.1.2.0]ShadowCraftVoltZ[PvP][10 slots]


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Hello, welcome to ShadowCraftVoltZ!

We're a brand new server, looking for nice players.

The rules are:

#1 No Griefing (Unless in a war with someone)

#2 No Cussing

#3 No asking for OP

#4 No GM

#5 No asking for items

The banned items are: Cluster Nuke, Antimatter and Red Matter

The server will mostly be up at weekends and some hours weekdays.

There's no whitelist so join Freely!


The server is Hamachi, but if people donate it will be able to be 24/7 REAL.

Hamachi: ShadowCraftVoltZ, ShadowCraftVoltZ2 or ShadowCraftVoltZ3

Passwords are: voltz

I.P. is

Thanks, -Dark

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