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Can't join friends server no matter what(Hamachi)


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My friend and I want to play together on our server. We are using Hamachi, beacuse he can't portforward. He can join the server, but I can't. We have tried everything, online mode true false, IP no Ip, disabling the firewall, changing adapter priorities, still can't join. The wierdest thing is, that just like a few weeks ago we had another tekkit server, which we could both join, but we deleted the server. What can I do?


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I would suggest you try to check if minecraft is actually accepting connections.

You can do so by using telnet (if you have windows xp) or using putty (small free software to try connections to various ports).

The default port is 25565 so you can try connecting to your friend's IP (you can read that near the computer name in hamachi) with the RAW protocol.

If it's reachable you won't get any error, otherwise it's a communication problem (windows firewall?)

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