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Anyone want to make a tekkit lets play?


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If you do please fill out this form below (Im looking for 2-3 more people to do it with):

Age: (Im 14)


Do you have a mic:

Do you have skype:

Skype ID:


IGN (In game Name):

Can you host the server: (I cant so one of you will have to.)


Tekkit experience:

When would be the best time for you to so the lets play (For mw it would be Friday and Saturday evenings after 6 or 7 PM:

Time zone (Mine is GMT):

So I will tell you in about 3-4 days if you have been picked (by skype or email).

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Age : 12

Gender : Male

Do i have a mic : yes

Do i have skype : yes

Skype name / ID : stantheman2001

Email : idk

IGN : Mr_Danielz

Can you host a server ? : I can yes.

Personality : I am mature, I have a good sense of humor, I am a nice guy and i like trains.

tekkit experience : I have played since it came out , I know quite alot!

I can record asswell

When would the best time be for you to record the lets play : I don't mind.. Any time after 6pm.

I can record + Host the server, No jokes.

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age : 12


do i have mic yes but it's terrible i am getting a new one either Wednesday or Friday

Skype : no but i do have face book with facechat

Skype name : none

email : [email protected]

ign : ethancobb1325436

can i host a server : no

personality : i am mature i don't have a great a sense of humor but i do have a bunch of fun facts

tekkit experience : 2 years

time : 12:00 to 9:30

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Age: 13

Gender: Male

Mic: Yes! I have one!

Skype: Yes

Skype Name: Thorin Kafka

E-Mail: [email protected]

IGN: Thorinhok821

Can I host a server: Yes!

Personality: I'm Mature (in the sense that I don't often make perverted jokes and I don't cuss), I'm a YouTuber as well (name's SuperTurtleGamer411 on youtube) and I'm very polite.

Tekkit Experience: 3 month-ish

Time: I can do Fridays and Saturdays! On Fridays I can do times around 6:00-ish to 10:00-ish. On Saturdays I can do pretty much anytime!

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