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New website address :


New IP: play.grahamcraft.com


Welcome to Grahamcraft! Grahamcraft is a 50 slot tekkit server for any ages running with many plugins and 4GB of ram! Here at Grahamcraft, we've been working for months to get the server open to a operable state. We have many staff run events including server wide parkour courses, dungeons and building competitions with massive prizes!

If you do get bored of all those activities, we have even more to do!

Gamble away your cash in the Casino and the Lottery!

Slay dangerous and scary monsters in the Mob Arena!

Play an old Minecraft classic, Spleef, with friends!

Just do a good old bit of survival!

Make thriving and wealthy towns with Towny!

Create a huge industrialised factory!

There is so much to do on Grahamcraft, we can't even list it all!


We try not to limit too much on the server, but of course certain things need to be stopped.


- Do not grief on the server

- You are allowed to steal from unprotected chests

- Do not disrespect other players or admins

- Don't swear too much

- No PvP

- No greifing


We use a variety of plugins on our server to enhance and improve your experience on Grahamcraft!

We use plugins like:

- Towny

- Lockette

- Essentials

- Dynmap

- MobArena

and much much more!


Some items cause too much destruction to be allowed on the server so we have to ban them.

These items include:

- Most EE destructive items (Nova catalysts/cataclsyms etc)

- Dynamite


- Nukes

- Reactor chambers (Nuclear reactors have to be bought from the shop)

- Crystal chests

- World anchors + Dimensional anchors

- MK III collectors / relays


Spawn tower


Spleef Arena


Mooshroom Studios


Grahamcraft Mall


Casino Caution : You WILL loose lots of cash here


Mob Arena This was meant to look like the oblivion Arena, but mobs blew it up



You can contact us in multiple ways!

Skype : nattiey1 / pettero0

Steam : nattiey1 / Chevo_

IGN : nattiey1 / CheVo_

Teamspeak :

Email : [email protected] / [email protected]

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Hello, I have already been on the server but upon registering to acheive the member rank, the server seems to have rejected me and doesn't want to let me in.

IGN: hyper8

Error message:

Error: Bad Login


Appeared to be a Tekkit glitch, fixed now

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