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Fussion reactor vs Fission reactor


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Im building a base right now but I have a question wich is the best way to power it with a

Fussion or a Fission reactor?

I already have an underground facility for a Fission reactor that when its done will contain 4 reactors. that Im going to wire up so they send up power to my base on the surface.

There I plan to add 4 to 8 advanced solar generators. Then Im going to build producktion

factories, alarms, missile defense, 2 or 3 launching platforms, 4 to 6 radar stations and Battery chargeing.

Will a 4 core fission reactor make it on its own?

(the solar generators is only planned to speed up recharge)

How long can I go before I need to place new uranium rods into the reactors?

Is a 2 to 3 core fussion reactor better to use?

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Fission is pretty good, depending on the amount of charging you have going on, but uranium is fairly scarce, and non-renewable. If you have the uranium and resources for it, a 4 core fusion reactor and a handful of advanced solar generators will generate a pretty good amount of power.

However, last time I checked, a fusion reactor can process water into fuel, and they also produce more power.

You also may want to consider investing in an LHC that can produce antimatter which can be used in a fulmination generator to generate a large amount of power.

So, fission is OK for a while, but in the long run, you're gonna want to upgrade to fusion. Hope this helps!

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