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Tekkit Let's Play! - Whole bunch of videos coming soon!


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What's up everybody! My name is Brennan and I am here to bring attention to a new Let's Play my friend Cristian and I are putting together! This is our first ever attempt at making videos but that isn't going to deter us from having fun, and hopefully you can have some fun with us! All of our videos are uploading in 1080p to quench everyone's HD needs!

Though we do have a general idea of our plan for the series, the majority of it is going to be two friends messing around while hopefully building a fully automated Minecraft world!

We would very much appreciate any and all feed back. Whether negative or positive!

Temple Excavation

And for the "official" first episode of the Tekkit Let's Play:

Let's Play Minecraft Tekkit - Episode 0: Tortured Souls

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