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[1.1.0]XennusCraft Voltz [PvP][25 Slots][Factions]


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  • Address: voltz.xennuscraft.com
  • Website: http://www.xennuscraft.com
  • Description: It is the year 2100. The Earth has been exhausted of all valuable resources, and its people are looking for a new world where they can start fresh. A new star system, the Xennus star system, is found. Before long, a new planet is found, and many people begin moving, hoping they can make a new life for themselves...
    From the lonely nerd team who brought you XennusCraft Tekkit, comes XennusCraft Voltz! We currently have Bukkit compatibility, so that means Essentials, Factions, Multiverse, PEX, and more! We accept all who are willing to play nice and play fair. For more information or to harass ask me questions, make sure to check out our website at http://www.xennuscraft.com !
  • Main Plugins: PermissionsEX, Essentials, Factions, Multiverse
  • Banned Items: Antimatter and Redmatter missiles/explosives, standard and incendanary grenades
  • Rules: No swearing, No hacking/glitching, No advertising, No spamming, No Discrimination, No tasteless creations (Nazis symbols, genitalia, etc.), No "nerd poles" (one block towers), No asking for time/rule changes

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