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[Voltz][PermissionsBukkit] Player's have no perms.


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Hey guys, i recently changed my server to Voltz. Originally i was using PeX, and no one was able to use any commands, i then learned that PeX no longer worked with Voltz, so i switched to PermissionsBukkit. I used the permissions converter to change my permissions.yml to the config.yml use with PermsBukkit. I've deleted all the old Pex jar's and other files associated with it, and installed all the PermsBukkit files. However, my players are still having perms access problems.

And ideas?

Permissions =

Plugins = TimTheEnchanter, Better Leveling, TheThuum, WorldEdit, PermissionsBukkit, Buycraft, mcore5, BOSEconomy, NoWitherExplode, SkyrimRPG, Vault, Multiverse-Core, LWC, WorldGuard, Jail, TreeAssist, AdminChat, CoreProtect, OpenInv, vampire, ChestShop, LWCUnlock, Votifier, EasyBan, GAListener, Essentials, DarkBrotherhood 2, Factions, Jobs, EssentialsSpawn, Enjin Minecraft Plugin

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