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The Islanders Clan Looking for members!


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Hello, if you're viewing this topic you're probably interested in tekkit lite. If not, this probably isn't the clan for you.

It's been said that there is a village discovered by few at sea. Those that find it are said to have mysteriously disappeared. Never to return again.

torch.pngThe Islanderstorch.png

The islanders are a very secretive and mysterious group of individuals that choose to isolate themselves on islands far out at sea. They're a very passive civilization, so long as no one un-welcome treads on their lands. There isn't much else recorded about this certain race...

Hello, again, and welcome to the official islanders clan forum page. We are a small serious role-play clan that resides in a tekkit lite server with factions. We are friendly but also pretty serious when it comes to our gaming. That doesn't mean that we dont like to goof around and have a good time though! So if you're interested in tekkit lite and you enjoy the idea of an island-to-island civilization, then this is the clan for you! Applications are listed below. If you get accepted by me or any of our Officer Grade Staff(moderators) we will send you a PM on the mcforums with the server ip and instructions of how to join. I am currently in possession of no Moderators, so Moderator positions are available(you must first get accepted and be known as a regular clan member, and after about a week of clan playing time you will be eligible to apply for Officership). More Info will be posted in time

Application Form:

What is your age?:

What is your IGN?:

Do you have any past experiences with clans?(won't effect your chance of getting accepted):

Will you remain lawful and loyal to the clan?:

Are you willing to pay small taxes in the kingdom if we should require them?(doesn't mean we will, and they'll be minuscule if they do exist)[in-game currency]:

What kind of position or jobs would you be interested in while living in the city?:

Will you be able to dedicate much time to playing on the server?:

What made you want to join this clan?:

Last, but not least, would you be against being in a youtube video?:

Hope we get lots of applications soon! its pretty lonely with just a single soul on an island!



I'll be viewing and accepting applications for about the next hour and a half! Post away! (haha, get it? instead of sail away, it's post aw.... never mind... v.v)

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