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TheVoidCore Voltz, Tekkit, and Other Minecraft Playthroughs


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Hello everyone! I am Isaac of theVoidCore, and if you do not already know, I am a youtuber with my friend Patrick.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Another Minecraft youtuber looking for views and subscribers; they are probably little, whiny kids who are spoiled and have no lives. And I'll admit, some of that is true. For me, it's the no life part... but we aren't like them(yes, that's what they all say). We don't want to be only Minecraft youtubers, and so we do several other games on our channel as well, including Terraria(maybe not any more), Borderlands, Torchlight 2, and others. Also we aren't whiny little kids who are spoiled! That's a plus!

Not wanting to fill up our channel with so much stuff that we can barely keep track of it all, we both created our own solo channels. There, well, as obvious as it sounds, we play games by ourselves and record it for your enjoyment(might be a long stretch saying that). Mine is VoidusS2(don't ask about the S2), and Patrick's is currently in the making! Go here: https://www.youtube.com/user/VoidusS2

P.S. Patrick also has a channel for his hobby(and maybe vlogs in the future): fish, so if you are into that stuff, check it out here:

Now for the good stuff. The stuff you looked at this page for:

Minecraft Videos! YAY! As the rule page says, and I quote; everyone has minecraft videos. Unless you are Totalbiscuit, that couldn't be more true.

My solo Yogbox playthrough(as if that wasn't enough): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZqEi8HdyOi-PsN69yACD1Wjf1B5DHQRW

You want more? Yeah? Yeah? Okay, sure. We'll do more. Look forward to: a hardcore playthrough(maybe on one of those adventure maps), (maybe)hack/slash/mine playthrough, (maybe)Feed the Beast playthrough, and others(that are not planned at all yet)!

While we do many a series on Minecraft and it's wonderful mods, we also run a Voltz server for one of our playthroughs. Go check it out here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-0-11-thevoidcore-voltz-pvp-grief-20-solts-no-whitelist-all-mods-filming-for-youtube-series.36719/

Thank you all for reading or skimming or not even caring to read this forum page! And thanks to the TechnicLauncher people for all this, its great! And yes, I know. A lot of reading...and a lot of words. But hey, give me a break. I write books...let me rephrase that: I try to write books.

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