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[3.1.2]LGX-Craft[PvP/PvE][72 slots][Open][LWC][GriefPrevention][iConomy][EE enabled]

LGX Tekkit

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Welcome to LGX-Craft Tekkit server


We are looking for players to come join and play on our server and enjoy their self!

We work as hard as possible to make your experience on our server enjoyable.

The map is a large map with spawn.

There is a PvP Arena you can get there by typing a command /bg join.

In arena you will automatically get weapons and armor so you don’t have to bring your own gear.

We will not tolerate people logging out when in pvp arena.

The default rank you start with is (Newbie). Some over powered items aren’t available for newbie, member…

Over powered items mostly can use donators.

There is portal at spawn going to shop. iConomy plugin is combined with industrial credits you can get money by selling them in our servers shop.

We have Lwc to lock your chests and machines!We also have GriefPrevention to protect your buildings/creations from unwanted griefers. You can get free claim blocks just by playing in the server. Also if you get griefed we have Coreprotect to rollback the grief.

What to do if you got griefed

Don't worry we will make sure everything gets fixed.All you have to do is go to a griefed zone and say to admin if hes offline type /modreq <help me I got griefed>.Than wait for an Admin to arrive and show him the grief and than he will take care of the rest.





Elder and more..

Donator ranks.


Super vip

Staff ranks.




LGX-Tekkit - owner

To get ranks on the server type /rankup you will be asked to pay money for those ranks.

Removed Mods

- WeaponMod(melee weapons can use)

- ComputerCraft(Lags/Crashes server)

- Wireless Redstone

Banned Items

- All Buildcraft Pipes are disabled. ( Tubes not banned )

- RM furnace

- Transmutation tablet

- Block breaker

- BlackHole band

- Void ring

- Explosives

- Deployer

- Mercurial eye

- Volcanite and Evertide amulet

- Hyperkinetic lens

- Zero ring

- Ring of Ignition

- Mining Turtles

- Harvest Goddess band

- Crystal/Ender chest

- Mining laser

- All Chunk loaders

- Buildcraft pipes

- Project table

- Archangel ring

Full list of banned items is in server spawn and in our website.

Donator perks if you want to donate type /buy- In-game title

- Access to most over powered items.

- Access to restricted items

- For every 10 dolar donation you get.

- Can get more claim blocks for GriefPrevention land claiming.

- Custom name in-game

Our staff.



Ethan ( Moderator )



1. No griefing

2. No stealing

3. No offensive language

4. No spamming the chat

5. Respect the Admins and other players

6. Don't ask Admins to spawn items

7. No 1x1 towers

8. No exploiting bugs/glitches

9. No advertising

10. No hacking

11. No tpa-killing

12. No drop parties

13. No claiming other peoples stuff or homes.


- iConomy – combined with industrial credits

- GriefPrevention

- Chest Shop

- Votifier

- World Guard


- Essentials

- Buycraft

- CoreProtect

- SpamGuard


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