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[3.1.2]Extr3me Multigaming [PVP][20 slots][Freebuild/Factions/Iconomy][NO EE] Only noobs need EE!


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The server is 24/7 up and located in Germany!


- 2GB Ram

- AMD Opteron Processor 6274 (32 Cores)

- 1000Mbit/s uplink

General Rules:

- Don't ask for Stuff

- Don't ask for Staff

- No Raiding yet

- PVP under different Factions is allowed

- Be nice and social to everyone!

- Follow the orders of the Staff-Team!

- Don't Grief, Cheat/Hack, Glitch or abuse any other bug

Disabled Mods and banned Items:

- whole EE (equivalent exchange 2)



- Iconomy

- Factions

- ChestShop

- TreeFeller TekkitVersion

- Votifier

- Announcer

- Worldedit

- Worldguard

- Commandbook

- PermissionsEX

About us:

We are a small Community growing up already! We disabled EE to show you the other side of Tekkit, the hard side!

You now really need to work for your stuff, and don't only sit in your house and duplicate everything!

So check it out and join us! Server got no whitelist!

We got new Tekkit Players, but some older ones too! Everyone is playing there together and in peace, helpinh each other. Most of them just want a nice place to play without EE and to trade with Friends.

Some notes:

- You need to apply for Moderator, Admin or Superadmin! Theres a free Co-Owner position!

- You get Member for playing a while or for signup at Website, to recieve latest News and Informations

- The servers Website is http://extr3megaming.eu/

And at the end some pictures:


Biggest Faction yet, not many made, except flattening the island a bit


The Spawn in the Forest, in the background a bit farer away the Factionvillage

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