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Volts mods/server mods


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I recently downloaded volts and loved its idea. I began compiling mods to compliment the existing ones, and so far I have flans mod (WWII and modern), custom npcs, and forge essentials for my server.

I still feel like its missing some thing (definitely redpower) but i don't know what else to add. For the server, I'm having trouble finding forge server mods, are there any besides forge essentials anyone recommends?

Finaly I'm looking for a free host to run my server. Only about 5-10 people would be on it, and its just for me/friends to kinda to the one non nuked place on earth (its the pripyat are frm the zone by tsarcorp) no one lived in the city, so it wasn't nuked. Now fragmented government troops and survivors inhabit the area.

First post, so sorry if this is in wrong topic/bad!


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