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Experiment 1 - Tekkit Custom Map [1.0.0]


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First of all, I've never made a custom map before but being off school with the flu all week drove me to insanity so I quickly made this. There isn't an awful lot on it yet, but I will update it as soon as possible. Please read the entire thread before playing the map!

The map is about 600x600, and does still consist of small chasms and underground caves. No animals spawn I'm not sure about animals to be honest) and no ores can be found either.


The storyline goes that you, a scientist in a dessert (so, remember - no life) was in a nuclear bunker trying to control the weather. You managed to flood the entire area, as well as pour lava everywhere and make a giant hole! Luckily, you made sure you had an emergency kit with you in the bunker and it just so happens that the area of your bunker was once inhabited by ancient Minecraftarians, around a long time before the days of Tekkiteers. Rumour has it that they left treasures around which could help you. The only problem is, you've only got 5 pieces of bread and rotten flesh is way too rotten in the desert (out in the sun, it goes really bad).

Your job is to survive for as long as possible and show off your Tekkit creations after!


  • These rules are to be trusted if the ones inside the bunker say different to the below
  • You are to play in survival
  • You are not allowed to insert anything using NEI (obviously)
  • You must play on at least easy difficulty
  • You cannot destroy any part of the bunker
  • You may not climb or go round the bunker
  • You may ONLY eat the bread provided
  • Once you die of any cause (including falling off the map) you may not build any more. You may go into creative mode to fly and take screenshots of your creations on respawn.


I don't particularly want them with fear of giving too much away, but the rules say I have to. So here are a few images overlooking the spawn area.






1.0.0 - Download

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