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frustrated and confused...


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Hey guys,

My kids are asking me to put up a tekkit server for them to play on locally (my Lan). I have a win7 server that is running and I figured it would be easy since tekkit is built for compatibility right?

I downloaded the latest tekkit server from the website and launched it. I think it's 3.1.2.

I then downloaded the technic client on my desktop and lauched that.

I go to multi player and add my server expecting to just connect and it all goes to hell.

I get mod mis matches saying my mods are out of date, so I go to options and select latest version and that give more errors, so I go to try to find a l dev version of tekkit and I can't for the life of me find anything newer than the 3.1.2 on the site.

What do I do? I'm pretty sure it's a version mismatch, but I have the latest versions of both...

The default in options on the client is 7.2.6 for modpack...but i thought the mod pack was taken care of by tekkit...do I have to download mods again to to the client like i do for minecraft?

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Tekkit Lite can work through lan.

If you wish to run a server though, make sure you're downloading matching versions of the server, to the version of the game that you're selecting. To double check, when you open the launcher, make sure tekkit is selected, and click 'options' (right under login). You can choose recommended, development, or manual build selection. As of writing this, the default tekkit lite server download is 0.5.7.

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