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[3.1.2] ∞ CupCraft ∞ [PvE] · [TC] · [900 Slots] · [24/7] · [McMMo]


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CupCraft Is a 900 Slot Professional Tekkit Classic Server!

We run the perfect balance of plugins to enchance your playing experience on the server and aim to disable as little as possible! And even award trusted members with full access to all of tekkit!





  • 32 GB RAM
  • i7 processor clocked at 3.4Ghz
  • SSDs With Daily off Site backup for zero loss
  • 24/7 Gigabit Up/Down Connection


We pick our staff from the most elite of the pile, All our staff have previous experience and are very well trained in their field. They will go out of their way in any situation to help out any member of any rank.

If you are intersted in a staff rank post your ticket in a reply below (This is not an application, Simply letting us know you are interested so we can get back to you at a later date)


  • iConomy
  • ChestShop
  • SignShop
  • McMMo
  • Jobs


/tpa <playername> Will allow you to teleport to other players (if and when they accept)

/sethome Will allow you to set a home teleport location for you to use

/home Will take you to that set location

/money Will show you your iConomy Balance

/pay <playername> <amount>Will pay a player with a said amount

/warps Will list current server warps (teleports)

/warp <warpname> Will take you to specified warp

/mcstats Will list your current McMMo stats

/<skillname> Will give you detailed information about that skill




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Not trying to be rude but telling us your hardware is a lie... We dont care what your running if your server is laggy then its crap. So instead of saying "hardware" say if its lag free or not please? Thanks!

Go ingame and type /gc

You will find our hardware is not a lie and if there was lagg we would go about resolving it.

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I agree with terminator gator, I have an epicly awesome NEW computer, awesome internet, an i lag all the time here, I do /lag to see if it is me or server an i get 13 TPS, which means it is the servers hardware! never any admin/owners on, only one person who badmouths the players if they do not agree with him!

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