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Tekkit Server Hosting for you/Letsplay Partner wanted


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Ok Guys I seen lots of people wanting to do letsplay but have no server to host it and I have the option for you

I have 2 32gb Machine that I run server off, I will host one of those 32gb for anyone who wants 1, I Will host 10worlds for the server so 10 people can get 1 world free


ok so you will need 4players top or 4-6 players to use a world

so here

World1<Open 4-6 players

World2<Open 4-6 players

World3<Open 4-6 players

World4<Open 4-6 players

World5<Open 4-6 players

World6<Open 4-6 players

World7<Open 4-6 players

World8<open 5-10 players

world9<open 5-10 players

world10<5-10 players

I will install a chat plugin so Other players from differnt worlds can not talk to each other

I will have a mail plugin so if you want to team up with some one you can email them via the game also the leader of the lp will get admin for the world there in

If you want more then the following world of players will allow you contact me via skype Darkcry1200,


Ok Now to get one of these world You need the following things!

Lp team>TeamName

Lp team M>Members of your team{names}

Lp team count>how many players in your team

Leader skype name

Age< have to be over 13

World<Tell me what world you want #1 or #2 etc

How many videos you thinking of having: lets say you you want 10videos you will be giving 15days so 1video=5days so your# of videos plus 5


Also Comment if you want to do a letsplay with me

I need the following things



How good are you with tekkit from a 1-10

Youtube channel

Are you good with working with other players

good builders

What else are you good at in tekkit

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