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VOLTZ Let's Play/Tutorial series [720p, Videos Tri-Weekly]


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Making a play-through/tutorial series of the VOLTZ mod pack from the Technic Launcher team, light-hearted in nature but hopefully still informative.



I've had a few other channels, and each have done relatively well, however there have always been things that I'd change about each should I go again. I'm hoping that will be this channel.

I haven't played to much of them Voltz pack yet, so most of what I do in my videos is just as new to me as it is to you. I'm hoping however that as I play both my viewers and I learn about the game and its mechanics, hence the "tutorial" label. I plan on going through each of the mods that Voltz has to offer in an in-depth fashion, so expect a full coverage of the game by then end.

As for whats different about my videos? Not much I suppose. I mean, Voltz videos are currently uncommon, so there is that. Mostly though I've just been told that I have a good voice and personality for making videos and commentating. (aka I can make things up fast, frequently, and make it sound nice) Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy my videos, I'll upload at least 3 a week on unspecified days, really just when I get the chance.

First episode here:

Latest Episode

Tell me what you think, and give recommendations for further videos!

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Made a lot of progress since my last post everyone, we have 7 more episode out and they can be found here at my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Smicism?feature=mhee

On other note, I've done graphic design for the past year or so, and if anyone wants me to create a name, logo, or YT background I can usually get that done free of charge. Some examples of my work include the text with my name on this page as well as my current YouTube background on by channel.

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