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Server questions from a newbie!


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Greetings all! Avid fan of Tekkit/Tekkit Lite, and a relative newcomer to setting up and maintaining servers. I don't have a large background with modding Minecraft in the first place, and I'm only "aware" that there's this thing called Bukkit that allows plugins but I'm not sure about how to use it or what is available for it.

I've been attempting to set up a private server that contains Tekkit Lite, Voltz and possibly Thaumcraft, with some success. I've currently disabled EE3, Mystcraft, and want to disable the mining laser. I have yet to add Thaumcraft. I don't have bukkit or know how to use it or any of that business, so I'm unsure as to what it is, what it's capable of or anything like that. I'm unsure if you need bukkit to disable the laser or not, or if it's just a configuration option I couldn't find in IC2's configuration file.

However, the biggest query I have relates to my goal - I want to set up the server as a PvP war server. I want the following enforced rules in place:

1. Two teams (companies, I guess) that have damage immunity from teammates

2. Some sort of objective (a flag, or perhaps some object to be destroyed that each team gets only one of) that can be verified to either be destroyed or as being placed by the other team, but not giving away the location/whereabouts of the objective

3. Teams are not allowed to directly destroy with tools any blocks of a pre-defined category placed by the other team. In other words, if my team places blocks of this category down, the other team can use explosives, ICBMs from Voltz, turtles, etc to destroy the blocks...all indirect methods...but they cannot tear the blocks down directly with their own tools, such as pickaxes, axes, etc. Ideally, this category of blocks would consist only of "structural" but not "functional" blocks like wood planks, cobblestone, glass, reinforced glass/stone, obsidian, etc...all blocks not commonly generated in the world. I guess whatever mod/plugin that could effect this rule would need to let me list which blocks fall in this team protected category. Of course, machine blocks/wires/etc would all be fair game for the other team to interact with...the intent is to make walls and doors actually useful to the teams without having to use some incredibly elaborate setup.

4. Obtaining the dragon egg from the Ender dragon gives some sort of unique bonus to a company

My question is - is there a mod or mods or plugins or whatever out there, in bukkit or otherwise, that have the ability to set these conditions in place? Or alternatively, is there a way already contained in Tekkit to effect these goals?

Some minor questions regarding game balance (opinions are welcome on these!):

1. EE2 was quite demonstrably overpowered in Tekkit classic; is disabling EE3, even with only the minimum stone in place, something that you feel is good for balanced gameplay?

2. Mystcraft seems to cause problems when one person alone attempts to do research in finding symbols from constantly creating ages. I'd love to allow Mystcraft if it wasn't for the bloat in the amount of worlds created and memory space taken up. Is there any way one can manage Mystcraft's memory hog-iness, allowing more tactical options for players but not causing server instability?

3. If you have experience with Thaumcraft, do you believe that it is balanced well against the mods in Tekkit Lite? Would a world with both mods play well, or would it become too easy to reach endgame technology in under a couple days (ala EE3)? I have no experience with this mod but did a bit of research on it, and it looks like a fun addition...but I'd prefer to avoid unforeseen problems as I don't have experience.

Thank you all for your insight. I know I have not done a ton of searching and research for the answers for these questions, but some of these questions are not easily answerable and my time is incredibly limited (I'm currently in dental school, and wife is in the hospital, requiring daily visits). I'd appreciate it if I received genuine responses!

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I personally would offer only a little bit of advice, in regards to Number 1 at least, that if you feel EE3 is overpowered, then turn it off. After all, it is your server and if someone wants to have it enabled, but you don't, then it wouldn't do you any good to have because that's something that alters your own enjoyment of the game. Perhaps this isn't the response you were looking for, however, I hope if it does help that you may enjoy the game that much more!

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Thanks Aedaric~ Yeah, I'm comfortable with EE3 being off as opposed to on right now, but I just wanted to check to see how others felt about it and what their experiences are. Most people can't think of all the game-breaking ways to utilize really powerful tools without a lot of experience (myself included) and so having the perspective of more than just one person (myself!) is very helpful. But I completely agree - right now EE3 is off and I won't enable it unless I hear some pretty compelling evidence that it enriches the MC experience and that it's worth enabling.

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