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Hydrexous - PVP, Factions Server {24/7}.


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IP Address: Hydrexous.co.uk (Static IP different servers on different games minecraft server aswell.)


This is a Griefing/PVP server.

Hydrexous PVP and factions server, we are currently hosting a minecraft and a tekkit server on the same ip if your looking for a competative full uptime server to play on with minimal banned items join now for the best experience ever fun, supportive admins ready in different timezones to help you, we have minimal banned items which are: world anchor, amulets, tnt and all world devistating devices alike but not dynamite, computercraft, tank cart, all other items that could cause serious harm to the server are restricted to prevent it such as ring of archana disabled in spawn, you will start with a readily available kit starter bringing you a generous start plus 7000 economy credits enough to buy a small plot or 1 diamond and a bit of change to give you a head start as our economy is in overpriced to make people put more effort into physically gaining the resources themselves, overall rules have fun, use common sense and dont hack.

Brand New World as of Nov 2012.

NOTE: World is set to Hard difficulty


- Do not Grief Spawn Area.

- Use common Sense.

- Dont make use of bugs or glitches.

- Have fun.

- Dont use hacks or modded clients to exploit the game your spoiling the fun that way.

- Do not spam, cry, moan or act immaturely other people are here to play aswell.

Banned Items:

- Nuke

- Any Type of Chunk Loaders (cpu intensive)

- Industrial TNT

- Computercraft

- Destruction Catalyst

- Catalyst lens

- Evertide Amulet

- Volcanite Amulet

- Ring of arcana

- Tunnel Bore

- Hyperkinetic Lens

- Nova Catalyst

- Nova Cataclysm


Group Manager


Tekkit Restrict






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