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[3.1.2]-[FCI] Resurrection[PvP/PvE][75 Slots][Factions][Events][Fun Staff][Anarchy]


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Is the server really down forever? I hope not I don't have any other game to do other than Hack/Mine and some on Steam which even now I'm getting bored of. Please don't make the server gone forever...


Ryan/FinalCorruption's Friend

Oh one other thing guys before you do Admin Application you have to apply for and be accepted as a Moderator and I think Ryan said that you have to wait 2 weeks to a month before applying for Admin I think because then they can see if you are fit for Admin and unlike a previous case I had where I had a little fit when someone didn't give me a yellow alchemy bag for the Red Matter I gave him (But That was on the BTT WAY WAY WAY back in the past I'm over it now and haven't seen them on in a while). So wait apply for Moderator first before applying for Admin.

PRO TIP: People who post for Mod like 5 seconds after they join probably wont get accepted Might get put on hold so you don't have to repost.

Why does no one EVER post after me for like 3 years?

Big trio resurrection is down forever :(, but File will setup a new Tekkit server :)

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