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[0.5.7]RPGcraft 24/7[PvE/PvP][25 slots][BukkitForge + plugins][AntiGrief]


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CPU: Dual i5

HDD: 2TB, 1tb connection

Uptime: 99% but still 24/7







Why I started the server: Well basically I was sick of going on Tekkit lite servers hosted from people on their home pc's (not that there is anything wrong with that) but generally after about 2-3 days they would get bored or sick of it and just close the server or they wouldn't administrate it enough. So I have made this server to combat those annoying scenarios as well as give myself a world to build in that wont be a waste of my time and end in 2 days.

What users are we looking for? We are looking for friendly users who are not easily offended or irrational.

Whitelist? There isn't a whitelist the server is open to everybody and anybody!


  • No hardcore griefing, take waht you wnat and leave, dont blow it up...
  • No asking for stuff or permissions or ranks (because it's silly and annoying.)
  • 1 Quarry per person (lags server if a person has like 20 so more than 1 is an instant bannable offence
  • Do not debate religion or any other kind of personal views there are debating forums for that (you can express your opinion just do not force it on others.)

Banned Items:

- Nuke

- Items used to dupe "ie tank cart"

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Looks cool, have been looking for servers that have less restrictions and banned items... But why do you ban the tank cart?! It is one of the most useful things for moving liquids quickly. I don't know of any way to dupe items with the tank cart, It's a minecart that moves liquids.

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