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[0.5.7]Server name[PvE with PVP][# 25][Greylist*][No Mysitics]Australian


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Welcome to the Amber Lucidity Minecraft Project

With the help of my Amber Lucidity gamers!

Server address



[1] Do not GRIEF

[2] This is a PVE, COOP, Build only Server - with added PVP world (PVP in the PVP world is fine!)

[3] Use common sense

[4] No foul language - Family Friendly

[5] Adhere to Market Rules (found in market)

[6] Do not destroy what is not yours

[7] Obey the owners, admins and moderators

NOTE: This server has a jail system, if you disobey the rules exepct to spend time in a cell. If you continue, you may be banned for a period of time or indefinately

Mods Removed


Server Side Mods Added


Multiverse (For PvP)

Banned Items



This is a land of kingdoms, where we all help and get along. Just explore build and have fun, just respect others and their property.


24/7 (unless we are upgrading or changing server config)


Have a chat to either a Moderator or an Admin, they would be willing to help and white list you.

Land Claims

Claim what you want, just build to fit in to your surroundings. And DON'T build in to others land. Factions can be used to claim land.

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