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Seed Search: Mountainous Islands (Help?)


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So after reading the forum rules and poking through the various subforums to try to find the proper location for a thread like this, I went with my best guess and double-checked the sticky threads in this one to make sure I wasn't doing something completely stupid.

I'm not really sure where else to go for this (but if you have suggestions I'll take 'em and get out of your hair) but I'm looking for a fairly specific type of seed - one with, as the title suggests, mountainous islands. Preferably close to spawn.

I want to build a cliffside house, but this is intended to be a server for my roommates and I to share, so I'm trying to find a seed to suit our collective projects. Quality mountains like that are favored by all, so it's a seed that everyone ought to be happy with.

I've been randomly generating worlds in the hopes of finding such a seed and googling here and there, but I haven't had any luck yet so I thought I'd ask other tekkit players if they might have any seeds like that.

If I'm posting in the wrong section (I tried not to, I swear!) tell me where to go and I'll fix my error. Otherwise, if you can, help me in my search?

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