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IC2 Machines Not Getting Power, PLEASE HELP!!!!

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The issue I am having is one I have had in the past. My industrial craft machines will not get power no matter what I do. I had a basic setup of two solar panels and an MFE. The MFE is fully charged but it will not give any power to IC2 machines like an electric furnace. I have a L/V transformer so the machines will not blow up, but the only time the machines will get power at all is if I don't use the transformer, and they blow up. This setup was working perfectly fine, and then the machines randomly stopped working one day. PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS, this world is for my youtube series!!!

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Ok thank you so much for the help with this. It worked great! I was dying to fix this because I was showing on y youtube channel how you can make an infinite emc machine w/o an energy collector, but I couldn't power the macerator that made it work. You saved the series, thank you so much :)

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