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[Voltz 1.0.12] The Oblivion Server [PvP] [20 Slots][Bukkit][No Mods Removed] [24/7]


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The Oblivion Server

We are a small community and are trying to expand our server with more friendly people.

The server is located in the Netherlands and is online 24/7 with 4 operators for maintenance.

At this moment the server can hold up to 20 slots for smooth game play.

The server is open for now, so no application is necessary to join.

Server Information

IP address :

Processor : Intel Quad core

Memory : 6GB DD3

OS : Ubuntu Linux


- Swearing (not to much, than it's ok. we don't really care)

- No cheats

- No asking for items

Banned items

- There are no banned items !

Plugins used

- ClearLag

- Essentials

- WorldEdit

- WorldGuard

Application form

No need... just join!

Visual introduction of the server

The new spawn pictures will be added later when we are done building the thing. And yeah... it's gonna be a thing... a huge something!

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Ok guys, sorry for the huge delay with replies to your posts, but the server was toast for some time now and Rico and myself were both busy with some personal endeavors. Server is fixed now again and running a test with the heavy loaded Big Dig Pack at the moment. We hope that they're still people looking at our server post for a game to play and else we'll have to build up anyone's trust up again ofcourse. Keep in mind that this is still a testing zone on the server, because Big Dig Pack is not without it problems yet.

Hope to see any older members back online agian soon for a little game of minecraft!

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