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Chad Waters

[1.1.3] Skyreach-No mods removed [PVP/Raid/Grief] [25 Slots]

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SkyReach - Voltz - No Banned items - PVP/GRIEF/RAIDING Server - 25 Slots


(Notice: Server has been completely rebuilt and is now fully functional and LAGG FREE!!)

Hey guys and welcome to SkyReach, We are a Voltz PVP server. Do you think you are good enough to survive a day in the world of Voltz?! Join Today and Begin your EPIC Journey, use your knowledge and Skill to help you survive and adapt to the ever changing world.

There are very responsible admins to listen and help you with your problems or situations.

If you don't know how to play ask an Admin, MOD or even a friendly player to help you out.

IP - ( having trouble connecting? Visit skyreach.enjin.com )

Note: IF you are unable to connect to the server the IP may have changed. The IP on this page will always be updated to the most recent.


Server Version - Dev Build 1.1.3


1) Each player is responsible for knowing and following the rules

2) Breaking of rules may result in a mute or ban

3) Respect server staff at all times

4) No Cheating. X-Raying or hacked clients of any kind

5) Teaming with someone found to be cheating will result in a loss of all join materials

6) No PVP in spawn. (You will be killed in return)

7) No border camping spawn

8) No grefing spawn or other protected areas (including guild halls)

9) No asking for OP.

10) No asking Admins to spawn items for you.

11) No spamming chat

12) No rage swearing ( cussing is fine, just don't over do it.)

13) No disrespecting other players

14) Staff is not a taxi service. Do not ask for tp's.

Be sure to check in-game (/rules) for changes/additions to the rules.

Server Information:

Skyreach is a 24/7 Full Raid/PVP/Grief Server, running ForgeBukkit

(Active Plugins)

Chest Shop

Essentials (/home /back /tpa /spawn /kit)


Mob Cash



World Border

Banned Items:

Redmatter missles/Bombs (once they dont destroy world files i will unban them)



Current Staff


Owner: Nitrostam22 (Nitro) / Nhwalton (Upside)

Admins: Taco /Conor19






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shut off your server your server promotes cheaping and your server has to many hackers i found 7 on this one server and they all hacked the blocks tried to greif the spawn and u did nothing

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Hey I just got banned for X-raying. I'm sincerely sorry, if it's a permanent ban that's okay with me. But if it's not thanks. I'll take off the X-ray texture pack and never use it again. Sorry for using it in the first place. I'm sure almost everyone on the server has used it at least once. But I got caught with it, so if I could get back on the server any sooner I would be sincerely grateful. Thanks.

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i was killed as a new player and tried new player and when i tryed to get my things back i was banned. please ban this razidor guy and and unban me for breaking the no killing new players rule.

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I have spoken to the admin that banned you and you were banned due to multible instances of PVP at spawn.

We do not currently nor have we ever had any rules regarding "new" players.

However Feel free to make a Ban appeal at skyreach.enjin.com and we will review your case.

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I don't suppose you've gotten rid of SmokeThief yet? The admin who was pretty consistently cheating and is just generally a poor choice for authority?

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The Server limit has been increased to 25 Slots To allow more players online and less in que. Come join us and see what we are about!

(update to 1.1.3 failed we have reverted back to 1.0.13)

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